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How To Move Forward With Addiction Recovery
by Bill Urell
Both alcohol and drug addiction are serious illnesses and there are people who do not see it as such. It can lead to major health problems and sometimes death. It sometimes takes a major event to occur in a person's life to lead to addiction recovery. The general consensus is that a person needs to want to change before they can succeed, but most times it is easier if there is emotional support available to assist them.
Addiction is an obsessive need for, and a compulsion to attain, an item, be it drugs, alcohol, food etc.
To decide whether you are addicted or not, there are a few simple questions you should think about. Do you have the need to use drugs or alcohol frequently? Do you hide this from the people around you? Do you lie to the people around you about how often you indulge? Are you more often involved with the use of the item than before? When you are using the item, does it make you feel like a different person? Are you able to interact with others on a more confident level when you have drunk alcohol or used drugs? These are but a few of the questions that would go through your mind if you feel that you are possibly an addict.
The road to recovery can be achieved by taking different routes. There are a very few alcoholics and drug users who abstain, yet do not go into recovery. They realize that to use again will just send them back into their abyss of addiction. They are strong-willed and able to control abstinence by that. The urge to drink or take drugs is always with them, and they can sometimes feel angry or disappointed that they have to abstain.
Then there are alcoholics and drug abusers who are both abstinent and in recovery. They are aware that if they do not maintain abstinence from these substances, they will mess up the quality of life that they've found in being sober and off drugs. They hated being an addict and are grateful that they have managed to find a decent life again.
Most addicts who abstain and are in recovery will not use alcohol or drugs again, even if they are fairly sure that addiction will not happen again. These ones generally use outside resources and turn to other people who have been in the same situation, or professional counselors, for help.
Your own desire to recover will be the first step to your personal addiction recovery. This will probably be an unbelievably difficult road to travel as there are always so many lures and temptations around you. However, overcoming addiction is worth it.
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