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There is No Miracle Cure for Acne
by Rebecca Lane
You will find that there is no one cure for acne that will work for everyone with the condition. The product that helped your friend may not help you at all, as the condition and therefore the treatment, varies from person to person. Just as your favorite shoes may not suit someone else, so it is with acne treatments. Just as you would have to try on different styles of shoes to find the perfect pair for you, you may have to do the same until you find an acne treatment that works too.
The best way to select a treatment for your acne is to determine what type of blemishes you are getting consistently. A product containing salicylic acid is needed for consistent whitehead and blackhead eruptions, as this acid improves the skins ability to shed dead cells. These eruptions are caused when the dead cells stick together causing a blockage in the glands. Products containing salicylic acid can dry the skin out, so it may be wise to choose one with a lower concentration at first to prevent further problems. Available as cleansers, lotions or cleansing pads, products can contain between half and 2 percent salicylic acid.
Excessively oily skin needs products that contain acetone to remove oil, and alcohol to combat bacteria. Most astringents contain both products, and some toners and cleansers will too. they can cause excessive drying, so follow the label recommendations for use. Benzoyl peroxide reduces inflammation and unclogs pores and is found in many acne treatments. Used to treat individual spots or over the entire face, it is found in gels or creams. The bacteria inhabiting the skin can inflame and worsen acne blemishes. Propioni bacteria in particular are indicated as actively worsening the condition, and benzoyl peroxide has been found to be effective in the treatment of thse bacteria.
Resorcinol helps to remove the build up of dead skin cells and the subsequent blockage that can cause, and is often found in acne treatments. Another popular ingredient of acne treatments is sulfur, although there is no clinical explanation for its efficacy. There a re a number of creams and lotions that contain these two ingredients.
It is not recommended that you go out and initially try all of these products, as that could irritate your skin into a worse state. It is better to determine what your most prevalent acne issue is and then try a single product for a few weeks. If the result is less than you hoped for, trying adding an additional product.
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