The Best Eczema Natural Treatment Options

By George Wagner

The term eczema is a collective noun referring to a group of health conditions that cause skin inflammation or irritation. Atopic dermatitis also called atopic eczema is the most prevalent type of eczema even though there are many other types. Atopic dermatitis is a set of illnesses exhibiting inherited tendency to cause hay fever, asthma and other allergic conditions.

The disease affects many Americans. It is approximated that 10-20 percent of infants are affected, while adults are affected up to 3 percent of the population. That is why a lot of research has been going on in conventional and alternative medicine to develop more effective treatment options. Eczema natural treatment options have become more popular today. Most infants outgrow the disease at age ten upwards, while other exhibit symptoms up to later stages. Proper treatment can control the disease easily.

Usually, the entire body gets affected, but it is possible for specific parts only to be affected. Either way, an itchy sensation is linked to the inflammation. A rush accompanies the itching. Wrists, faces, hands, backs, feet, and knees are the parts commonly affected by the rush. Affected regions grow thick and scaly. They also become dry and the skin coloration is affected. The skin grows reddish at first before turning brownish.

No specific factor has been found to cause the disease. In most cases, an overreaction to irritants has been linked to it. Observed symptoms are usually caused by a response of the immune system to an irritant. People with a family history of allergy are more affected than those without. Other causes such as specific substances and conditions have been found to exist too.

No specific tests exist for the diagnosis of eczema. Medical practitioners such as primary care providers, dermatologists, and pediatricians can make a diagnosis by inspecting the skin visually and coupling it with asking the patient some questions. Tests for allergies may be done in people with allergies to determine specific triggers or irritants that caused the problem.

Failure to treat itching can result in infection. As such, most treatments aim to prevent and relieve itching. Natural oils including coconut oil should be applied to keep skins moist. One should apply the oil after taking a bath when the body is still damp. This helps to keep moisture.

The disease can also be treated naturally by observing a healthy diet. It is recommendable to eat raw diet that has plenty of organic foods. Gluten, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and other processed food must be avoided. Any other specific foods that one may need to avoid can be determined through allergy tests. Daily consumption of plenty of water is also encouraged. It is recommended to take 64 ounces of water every day.

This condition majorly results from toxins. Since daily lives involve consuming toxins, they should be removed through detoxification. Detoxification may be achieved through diet, physical exercise, or massage. A lot of toxins are eliminated from the body as one sweats. Supplements such as herbal tea among others can also be used.

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