The Things To Be Aware Of Concerning Essential Oils For Psoriasis

By Virginia Bailey

Psoriasis is a condition that is arguably caused by an overly active immune system, which in turn makes the skin fake off quicker. This abnormally accelerated replacement process of the skin makes new and dead cells accumulate on the skin surface, forming red flaky patches on it. In some cases, the disorder can be treated with medication, though in extreme cases it is incurable. To relieve the uncomfortable effect brought about by the disease, some victims prefer the treatment of such illness by use of essential oils for psoriasis that will be discussed below.

There are scores of ointments that can be used to help treat the disease. They include: geranium, tea tree, lavender and frankincense, among many others. These ointments help bring relief to the otherwise inflamed skin, and thereby playing a major role in the overall healing process. For example, the mixture of three drops of lavender oil and the same quantity of frankincense and a single drop of coconut oil can be rubbed gently on the affected area and notable improvement could be consequently witnessed.

Mixtures of these ointments can also be of essence, for example mixing three drops of both frankincense and lavender ointments, as well as a drop of coconut oil and rubbing the concoction on the inflamed skin.

Tea tree is also another ointment that can be used to contain the uncomfortable ramifications of the illness. This is arguably because of its significance in the immune system. It has properties that enable it repel the penetration of viruses, fungi or bacteria or any other infection on the skin. Another one is Helichrysum, which has ability to sooth the skin, thanks to its styptic properties.

The illness can alternatively be checked by the use of other ointments like Helichrysum. This one has very powerful skin-soothing and antiseptic properties. It is among the most effective naturally occurring anti-inflammatories. Tea tree oil, another example of significant ointments, is helpful in the immunity of the skin, since it contains antiviral, antifungal and also antibacterial properties. Its regular usage may be of great essence, since it goes a long way in protecting the skin from bacteria, viruses, and fungi, among other infections.

Sandalwood oil is another that has anti-inflammatory toning and astringent properties. These help sooth itching problems, as well as soreness. It also has natural moisturizing properties that can easily soften the skin, thereby easing the lethal effects of the disease. Thyme oil is also important, since it contains powerful antiseptic properties that are natural. It is very useful since it can supply great release. It should be however avoided to pregnant people, or persons with high blood pressures.

An imperative in the treatment of this disorder in question is the Rosemary oil. It is beneficial since it consists of naturally occurring antioxidants, which in consequence give great support to the structure of the skin. This helps prevent the skin from getting damaged. This therefore makes it greatly useful in strives to combat the illness.

The basic oil that is also useful in regenerating damaged tissues is Melrose oil. It can additionally clean and disinfect cuts, burns, and bruised tissues or rashes. Alongside that, it has powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The above named oils are among a variety of ointments that can be used in the treatment of Psoriasis disease, and have been ascertained to be of great value.

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